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 We welcome you to discover the difference experience makes


Metal Buildings
Concrete Foundations

35+ Years of Expertise in Steel Buildings and Structural Concrete


Who we are

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier construction services and achieving excellence in every project we undertake. With a wealth of experience spanning more than 35 years, we operate as a comprehensive Design-Build firm, adept at self-performing a majority of our tasks. From project inception to completion, we consistently excel in transforming our clients' dreams into realities that surpass their wildest expectations.


What we do

Texas Innovative Building Solutions, LLC proudly serves the beautiful Texas Hill Country and its neighboring areas. Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional concrete foundations and flatwork, and crafting robust structural steel buildings.  We help bring your project from vision to completion. 


What you can expect in our process

Step 1: Request a Courtesy Quote

   - Start the process by reaching out to us with your project details. You can do this by filling out our contact form, sending an email, or giving us a call.


Step 2: Preliminary Quote

   - After meeting with you and receiving your project information, we'll prepare a preliminary quote to provide you with an initial estimate of the project's cost. This step helps us ensure that we are aligned with your budget expectations.


Step 3: Design Phase

   - Once you're satisfied with the preliminary quote and wish to proceed, we move into the design phase, or proceed with quoting any plans you already have in hand. In our design phase, our team will work closely with you to create a customized design that meets your needs and preferences.


Step 4: Budget Approval

   - During the design phase, we will refine the project's scope and budget, ensuring it aligns with your goals.


Step 5: Final Proposal

   - With the design and estimated budget approved, we'll provide you with a comprehensive final proposal. This proposal will outline all the project details, including costs, timelines, and specifications.


Step 6: Contract Preparation

   - Upon acceptance of the final proposal, we'll prepare a detailed contract that formalizes the agreement. This contract will cover all aspects of the project, ensuring transparency, clarity and protection for all parties.


Step 7: Project Scheduling

   - After the contract is signed, we will work with you to schedule the start of the project. Our team will coordinate all necessary preparations to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process.


Project Portfolio 

We welcome you to explore our portfolio, where you can gain insight into the diverse range of metal building and concrete projects we've successfully delivered.

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